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Cliradex® is the next generation lash, eyelid and facial cleanser derived from key constituents of Melaleuca alternifolia, a special variety of tea tree oil.

Cliradex uses a preservative free, natural formulation of tea tree oil specifically designed for cleaning lashes, eyelids and the face without any harmful chemicals.

The components found in Cliradex have been studied extensively around the world and have demonstrated numerous eye, skin and overall health benefits.

Using Cliradex as directed is an effective way to keep your eyelids and skin clean, comfortable and healthy. A commitment to regular eyelash and eyelid skin cleansing is important for people with eye conditions like blepharitis, ocular rosacea, dry eye, conjunctivitis and other eye disorders.

What Comes in the Box?
Cliradex comes in a 3” x 2.5” x 3.75” carton containing 24 individually packaged towelettes. Cliradex is sold in individual cartons as well as cases of 20 cartons. You can purchase Cliradex here online or speak with your eye care professional for other options.

What is in Cliradex?
Cliradex is made from the best nature has to offer. The key ingredient in Cliradex is simply water and 4-Terpineol, a natural organic compound found Melaleuca alternifolia. The other ingredients in Cliradex are in less than 1% of the patented formulation and are Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Polysorbate 80, Carbomer, Triethanolamine.

How To Use Cliradex
Please click on the video to the left to see how to properly use Cliradex. Instructions can also be found on Cliradex packaging. 

When using Cliradex, you may experience a cool, refreshing, menthol sensation. This is normal and should dissipate within a few minutes. Avoid getting Cliradex in the eye, or you may experience a sting. If this happens, rinse with water or saline.


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How To Use Cliradex

Did You Know?
Essentialal oils are really not an oil at all, but liptic acids. They are “essential” to the plant because they are the immune system, or the defense system of the plant. Our bodies are made up of lipids; they are the building blocks of the body. Essential oils are recognized as part of your body and taken in to create a change. They are able to penetrate cells and disperse throughout the body within minutes.

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