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What happens when you put a team of world-renowned ocular scientists and researchers together with deep expertise in molecular biology onto the ever increasing program of irritated, itchy dry eyes? You get Cliradex® - the preservative free, natural eyelid and facial cleansing solution.

In a world with dozens of prescription and over-the-counter chemically derived products for managing conditions of the eye, Cliradex stands alone. Through years of private and federally funded research, our scientists sought out to combine... the best nature had to offer with cutting edge molecular science, and well over 25 years of researching complex ocular conditions.

Their findings led them to essential oils, or more specifically tea tree oil, which is derived from Melaleuca alternifolia. Unlike man-made chemicals or fatty oils, essential oils are considered the natural, vital fluids necessary for the life of the plant or the very "essence” of the plant. For thousands of years, people have benefited from the natural properties of Melaleuca, or what is commonly referred to as tea tree oil.


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Tea tree oil for managing skin and ocular conditions has been documented in research around the world. However, using 100% pure Melaleuca alternifolia around the eye can be irritating, our team researched and examined all the major chemical constituents that make up this amazing essential oil. Their findings led them to a key constituent called 4-Terpineol, an organic compound that safely and effectively cleans and soothes the skin. The result of these findings led to the patented formulation found in Cliradex that is safe for everyday use and promotes overall eye and skin health.




4-Terpineol is the organic compound found in Cliradex




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It takes approximately 1 ton of plant material to create just 1 gallon of essential oil.




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